Q Series

1, the international standard E.I.A (2U) 3.5 “(88mm) professional amplifier chassis

2, power design

Each machine contains a set of logic high power power supply. Power output stage operating voltage by real-time dynamic control circuit of logic power supply. Can adapt to the requirements of signal and load in real-time, so that it can be a very wide load conditions to achieve the best power matching, but also to ensure that the power amplifier will not overheat.

3, professional Speskon socket to adapt to engineering and mobile performance

4, in order to be able to withstand a long bumpy, all parts through a special reinforcement

5, the use of precision numerical control lathe stamping and the integration of steel, the structure is extremely strong, can withstand a great moment pressure without deformation.

6, perfect protection function

Power amplifier provides many different types of protection functions, including: DC protection, internal fault protection, input overload protection, RF interference filter, output short circuit protection, non matching load and high frequency overload protection, radiator and transformer over temperature protection, power supply input over current protection (over current protection switch)

7, seat balance XLR input and output

8, cooling system

The cooling system is like a wind tunnel type, sealing air flow through the strengthening of the cooling effect and avoid the dust of the stage of the pollution caused by the smoke and other air pollution. To ensure that the machine is in the normal working condition, the temperature in a certain range to reach equilibrium.

9, with perfect interface

Signal input: XLR XLR input / output signal, parallel

Speaker output: Speakon professional outlet

Place of Origin Guangdong, China (Mainland)


Q18  Q20   Q38 Q72
Output power(8Ω) 2x500W     2X700W   2x1000W     2X2100W
Output power(4Ω) 2x750W     2X990W      2X1350W    2X1400W
Bridge(8Ω) 1500W     1980W     2700W    4250W
Power 220V(50-60Hz)
Frequency response +/-20Hz-20KHz
Total harmonic distortion < 0.05%
SNR 100dB
Input impedance 20KΩ balanced /10KΩ unbalanced
Input sensitivity 0.775V/1.0V/1.55V
Conversion speed: 30V/us
Output category: Class AB /Class H
Cooling: By two variable speed cooling fan from back-to-front
Input connection: XLR connector
Output connection: Speaker socket and binding posts
Product Dimensions 482x 227x 88mm (HxWxD)      482x294x88mm (HxWxD)
Package Dimensions / (HxWxD)        / (HxWxD) 
Net weight 12.7Kg  19.5Kg
Gross Weight /