The outstanding sound is base on solid roots

1.Company Profile

CAF is a large & professional supplier and manufacturer of pro audio systems inGuangdong Province of China, specializes in developing, manufacturing and marketing of professional audio products. In order to meet the huge demand of market potential in China’s fast-growing economy, we relocated our factory to Foshan in 2006.We dominate the China market and have good reputation in 20 provinces and Also starting international business.

2.Our Aim and Mission

Targeting at the world marketing from nowadays,become the most trusted provider of high quality professional audio systems worldwide.

3.The Vision of Sound

CAF products are not just sound boxes, our design philosophy places emphasis on the subjective sound experience as well as technical excellence.The basic of CAF’s success has always been commitment to excellent quality with competitive price.

International prolight+sound

Quality is essential in everything we make and everything we do


Only the best quality materials and components are used.
Enclosures are manufactured primarily in wood with its natural acoustic qualities coming with good looking appearance.
LV-12 Loudspeaker
CAF drivers
CAF crossover

We enhance the product stability by importing parts from oversea, in order to ensure meeting our customers’ desire for durability and high-quality sound enjoyment , ease of mobility and removability. Currently ,giving customs more confidence in the use of our product,the brands of WH under CAF’s flag have been well received by domestic and with absolute predominance in past years and have good reputation in oversea markets.


We offer consultive and constructive solution for sound reproduction of various venues.

Over the years,we have completed all kind of entertainment,Music concert and Government significant project,especially the gratifying achievements becoming the supplier of sound reinforcement systems for F1 boat competition .

Great sound is made of small details


In 2008, CAF built an in-house wood shop for the manufacture of loudspeaker cabinets.

Here, the best Baltic birch wood is chosen and cut with the most advanced CNC (Computer Numerical Controlled) machines in order to achieve the utmost precision and quality.

A team of expert wood workers hand-finishes every cabinet before the painting process.

The final loudspeaker assembly is undertaken with the greatest care given to every detail, in order to deliver a perfect sound art.

In CAF,we really need team-value and brand-value

7.CAF Values

  • Quality:

    quality is essential in everything we make and everything we do,constantlystriving to improve our quality not only builds our business but helps us grow as individuals,excellence is a sign of respect for our customers,our suppliers and ourselves

  • Integrity:

    Integrity is the fundation of trust.Act with honesty and fairness towards everyone.Treat others as you would have them treat you. Always make decisions based on the long term interest of all parties

  • Teamwork:

    Teams can achieve far more than individuals.Harness the power of people through effective teamwork within CAF,and throughout the customer Chain.

  • Work Hard / Have Fun

    Joy and hard work go hand in hand.Nothing of lasting merit can be achieved without hard but hard work cannot be sustained without enjoying the work.Our goals and standards make hard work essential.At the same time make sure to have fun all along the way.

Loyalty to customers is our first principle we have to stick to

8.Our company policy

  • Loyalty to customers:

    We always focus on 1-2 customers in one country or one area to reduce their competition as low as possible in their market.

  • Sincere service for customers:

    We always offer the latest new products to support our customers for their sales promotion and competition in their market.

  • To create more benefits for customers:

    We always invest money to develop new tooling skills to support customers in the price competition of their market.

Up to now we have succeeded to support many dealers to gain more profits and increase more market rates in their sales area.

Now we would like to invite you to join us in a new journey. We are glad to introduce you to experience the new Sound of arts in our website.