We believe the heart of sound is details

“Details matter, it’s worth waiting to get it right.”The truth of sound lies in the details.

CF-1830 2

Line Array Sound Systems


Installated Sound Systems

CL-18S M1

Subwoofer Sound Systems

S1000 white

Entertainment Sound System


1, We are factory have ability to completely design and manufacture speaker systems,amplifier,PA speaker cabinets and supply sound equipments.

2,CAF engineering departments acoustic, electronic and mechanical,work closely together to offer technological innovations with complete control over every detail from the pro loudspeaker

More About CAF


Quality is essential in everything we make and everything we do.


Achieving the best possible audio quality is the principle motivating factor at CAF.


CAF invest in a continuous process of constant innovation to guarantee the best possible sound.


Computer aided simulation software is used to assist the understanding of speaker behaviour and operation.


We utilize state of the art software packages to identify magnetic circuits,Voice coil dynamics,suspension linearity,horn dispersion simulation,crossover filters,amplifier thermal behaviour etc.


Our heritage in audio combined with out state of the art R&D and manufacturing process allow us to seamlessly integrate all the ingredients to design and build our Professional Audio Products.


“It’s time to fundamentally change the way that we do business in Audio industry. Our customers what something different.It seems today,many companies,not just Chinese companies,are in a race to build the cheapest products,and gain the greatest market share.

However,in Professional Sound equipment,cheap usually means cost-cutting by using low-quality components,and inferior product designs.

In CAF,we really need brand-value and care more about the quality,the reputation and the customer,and we conceive,design and proudly make our products in China.That is our way to help build a new image of Chinese loudspeaker manufacturer.”

CAF is commitment to excellent quality with competitive price

It will become a reliable supplier for your market!